CO-architecture Showcases Remarkable Outdoor Living: A Fusion of Elegance, Functionality, and Sustainability

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We're thrilled to share that Remarkable Outdoor Living has been featured in an exclusive article on CO-architecture, deep diving into our innovative approach to transforming external spaces. 

This feature is not just a showcase of our projects, it's a journey through our design philosophy, our dedication to functional elegance, and our unwavering commitment to sustainability. A heartfelt thank you to the exceptional team at CO-architecture for capturing the essence of our work with such depth and enthusiasm. Their collaboration has beautifully captured the essence of our designs, and we're grateful for the opportunity to share our passion for redefining the outdoor experience.

The team at CO-architecture spoke about

Our cutting-edge design concepts - how our designs seamlessly integrate with the natural environment, creating a relationship between architecture and nature.

Functional elegance - how we go beyond traditional outdoor design to curate spaces that serve a purpose while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic. 

Sustainable living - our commitment to sustainable practices, from eco-friendly materials to energy-efficient solutions, and how these choices enhance the overall outdoor experience.

Client success stories - real world examples of our transformative projects, with testimonials from satisfied clients sharing how our outdoor spaces have become an extension of their homes.

As we celebrate this feature, we invite you to delve into the article and explore the intricacies of Remarkable Outdoor Living. We're looking forward to more opportunities to collaborate, share insights, and explore new horizons in the world of outdoor design. Thank you for being an integral part of our outdoor living community! 

Having said that, let's explore the article below and uncover Remarkable Outdoor Living's creative method for revitalising outdoor areas.

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Remarkable Outdoor Living: Transforming External Spaces

"At Remarkable Outdoor Living, the understanding of the unique challenges posed by the Australian climate is intrinsic to their design philosophy"

By Sheridan O'Leary

About Remarkable Outdoor Living

Their range extends beyond just visual appeal, as each piece is crafted to withstand the elements, while serving as the perfect conduit for uniting the comfort of the indoors with the allure of the outdoors— a true testament to furniture that's both functional and exquisitely designed.

For over two decades, Remarkable Outdoor Living has remained a prominent name in the outdoor furniture realm, offering products characterised by longevity, aesthetic appeal, and multi-functionality. Their range spans from the sleek contours of contemporary designs to the quaint allure of traditional cottage styles, providing a comprehensive selection to accommodate diverse tastes. With their sprawling selection of outdoor furnishings, they've perfected the alchemy of fusing robust materials with refined designs, creating pieces that don’t just occupy your space — they elevate it.


Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Altantico Outdoor Resin Sunlounger. An outdoor pool area is furnished with sleek sun loungers arranged neatly on a wooden deck, complemented by a potted cactus and soft-coloured towels, all inviting relaxation under the open sky.
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Altantico Outdoor Resin Sunlounger
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Bobby Outdoor Aluminium Lamp Low.This image features two modern portable LED lamps placed on a round white table. The lamps have a minimalist design, with matte white diffusers and a sleek bronze-coloured handle that curves around the diffuser. The handle serves both as a design element and a functional part, making it easy to carry the lamps. The white and bronze colours suggest a contemporary and elegant aesthetic, fitting well for modern outdoor or indoor living spaces. The greenery in the background provides a nice contrast and indicates that this setting is outdoors, perhaps on a patio or deck.
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Bobby Outdoor Aluminium Lamp Low
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Doga Outdoor Resin Balcony Relax Chair.This image shows a calming garden scene with a single sage green chair and a matching round table. The furniture is set on a gravel surface, which gives it a rustic and natural look. On the table, there are two tall glasses, likely containing a refreshing green beverage, and a small bottle, which could be a syrup or juice to mix with the drinks. The lush greenery in the background, consisting of various shrubs and plants, indicates that this outdoor space is designed for relaxation, perhaps as a quiet corner in a garden where one could enjoy a drink and the tranquility of nature.Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Doga Outdoor Resin Balcony Relax Chair

Remarkable Outdoor Living asserts a prominent presence in Australia's outdoor furniture scene, with an expansive display of showrooms located in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Providing diverse outdoor furnishing styles by offering a spectrum of designs, hues, and sizes to satisfy the individual needs of every outdoor living aficionado.

Their Materials

The heart of their innovation lies in the dynamic dining and lounge ensembles crafted from the finest materials, including their use of resin, ceramic, concrete and aluminium. The Nardi Range, with its exclusive resin compositions, the spacious Neverland Ceramic Extension Dining Table, and the robust Zen Concrete Table, along with the streamlined Yarra Aluminium Lounge, stands for the perfect marriage of high-quality materials with exquisite design.

Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nardi Bit Outdoor Resin Dining Chair. Two modern turquoise chairs are positioned on a smooth concrete surface, creating a stark contrast against the gray backdrop, with the clear blue sky peeking from above.Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nardi Bit Outdoor Resin Dining Chair
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Bit Outdoor Resin Dining Chair inn Anthracite.A shadow of a perforated metal chair cast on a textured concrete floor, with sunlight creating a patterned effect that mimics the chair's design.
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Bit Outdoor Resin Dining Chair in Anthracite
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Neverland Dining Table
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Neverland Dining Table

Their Mission

Remarkable Outdoor Living is committed to simplifying great style and making it accessible to customers. Since its establishment in 2001, the brand's mission has been to provide outdoor furniture that not only exudes stunning aesthetics but also proves its endurance over time. This is achieved by collaborating directly with manufacturers to craft distinctive and robust pieces using top-tier materials, ensuring that their outdoor furniture range not only captivates with its beauty but also offers unbeatable long-term value.

Explore an entirely new realm of living through the lens of Remarkable Outdoor Living's furniture collection, where the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly blur.

Discover the full spectrum of Remarkable Outdoor Living's furniture collections and envision the potential of your outdoor spaces. For a daily dose of inspiration and the latest in outdoor style trends, follow on Instagram.

Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Doga Outdoor Resin Dining Armchair. The image presents a neatly composed outdoor setting featuring a coral pink chair with a simple, modern design. The chair is accompanied by a round table with an olive green stand, upon which rests a small plate of cookies, a bunch of grapes, and two elegant champagne glasses, suggesting a prepared snack or light refreshment. In the background, a large cactus within a white raised planter adds a touch of natural greenery to the scene, which contrasts nicely with the chair and table colours.
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Nadi Doga Outdoor Resin Dining Armchair
Remarkable Outdoor Living. Nardi Net Outdoor Resin Balcony Lounge Chair. This image shows a vibrant outdoor setting with a yellow perforated metal lounge chair and matching table set against a backdrop of lush greenery and a clear sky. A white hat with a black band rests on the chair, adding a leisurely touch to the scene. The ensemble is situated on a wooden deck, enhancing the warm and inviting ambiance perfect for relaxation or socialising outdoors.
Remarkable Outdoor Living. Nardi Net Outdoor Resin Balcony Lounge Chair
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Neverland Outdoor Ceramic Extension Dining Table. A modern outdoor dining setting with a long table and chairs on a wooden boardwalk by the beach, overlooking the sea and coastline in the distance.
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Neverland Outdoor Ceramic Extension Dining Table
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Zen Outdoor Dining table with Aluminium Trapezoid shade Leg.  A contemporary outdoor dining set, featuring a concrete table and benches, is set against a lush garden backdrop, offering a harmonious blend of man-made structure and natural beauty.
Remarkable Outdoor Living: Zen Outdoor Dining table with Aluminium Trapezoid shade Leg

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